Friends, This is web page for my Alaska History material. Thanks KPC!

I am taking the risk of actually making my draft manuscript of my new book available for review and comment.

So far, I have the Introduction, and Chapters 1 and 2 and the Bibliography. More to come. (I have 7 chapters mostly complete)

The first chapters are a review of the histories of each ethno-linguistic group, up through early encounters with outsiders in most cases. Some of these are not really finished.

You can see the whole outline and chapter narratives on the website.

You can also see my Bibliography of Alaska Native Biography and Autobiography which I did last year, along with the paper I gave on the topic. And, of course “More About Me”

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Hello world!

This is the website for Jane G. Haigh, Phd, History of Alaska material, including the manuscript and materials for my Book in Progress- History of Alaska Natives: Native Nations Past and Present; An Indigenous History of Alaska; My History of Alaska [Hist. A341] class materials and links, and my work on a bibliography of Alaska Native Biographies and Autobiographies.

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You will find links to pages for each of the above topics.

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