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Student kneels proudly in front of partially articulated whale skeleton

Orca 'Swims Again' Thanks To Skeleton Builders

KBBI News Story By Shahla Farzan Dec. 1, 2016

Listen as Shahla Farzan describes the assembly of Irniaq by 2016 Semester by the Bay students during a Skeletal articulation class with Lee Post a.k.a. Boneman.


KPC Campus Boasts of Three Articulated Whale Skeletons

December 22nd, 2016 - Homer Tribune

"Currently, completed skeletons of a Stejneger's beaked whale, a beluga and an orca calf — all constructed by college students — hang from the ceiling. The fully articulated Stejneger's beaked whale is believed to be one of only four such skeletons in the world."


Students with mentor Lee Post digging up Irniaq bones

"I Can't Believe I Get To Go To School Here"

April 12, 2016 - UAA Alumni spirit

One student describes her experiences in Semester by the Bay, "I felt exhilarated and stunned," said Amelia, who had just arrived in Homer last summer to begin studying in the UAA Kachemak Bay Campus' Semester by the Bay Program"


2 Students facing the camera while a whale breaches just over their shoulder
Student with binoculars gazes over cook inlet

The Blob That Cooked The Pacific

By Craig Welch

This story appears in the September 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine. Click the pictures in the article to get more pictures including some of Dr. Tobin and students assisting with sea otter response.


Student with binoculars gazes over cook inlet

Assembling Kachemak Bay Belugas, Bone by Bone

By Nancy Lord for Alaska Dispatch News January 3, 2016. "If there's a classroom with more scientific relevance than Kachemak Bay, I can't imagine where it would be. "


Whales Delight in Lingering Autumn Shows

By Annie Rosenthal staff writer for the Homer News Posted October 22, 2015. "Dr. Tobin, a professor of marine biology at Kachemak Bay Campus, in a phone interview Tuesday. "I was out yesterday with some of my students...and we probably saw at least 12-15 humpbacks.""


A humpback whale breaching on a cloudy day
Student with binoculars gazes over cook inlet

Designed to Inspire: KBC's Semester by the Bay Attracts Students From Afar

By Lindsay Olsen for the Homer News Posted December 10, 2014. "Last Friday, students gathered in Kachemak Bay Campus' Bayview hall as the skeletoon of a Stejneger's beaked whale they had carefully pieced together was raised to hang from the college ceiling..."


Dead Beluga Whale Found Near Nikiski

By Marcia Lynn airing on KBBI Friday, October 12, 2012.  Listen as Marcia Lynn interviews Dr. Tobin about the recovery of the carcus of a beluga whale from Nikiski.  "They had a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this necropsy on such a rare specimen."


Student with binoculars gazes over cook inlet