Jane Smiley

Last 100 Years Trilogy: Early Warning, The Golden Age, Some Luck

A Thousand Acres

The Greenlanders

Moo Duplicate Keys

Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel

Twenty Yawns

Horses of Oak Valley Ranch Series

Rich Chiappone

Liar’s Code

Opening Days

Water of Undetermined Depth

Kevin Clark

Self-Portrait with Expletives

In the Evening of No Warning

Erin Coughlin Hollowell

Pause, Traveler

Kate Carroll de Gutes

Objects in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

David Huddle

My Immaculate Assassin

Dream Sender

The Faulkes Chronicle

Blacksnake at the Family Reunion

Nothing Can Make Me Do This

The Writing Habit

Brendan Jones

Alaskan Laundry

Thomas Larson

Sanctuary of Illness: A Memoir of Heart Disease

The Saddest Music Ever Written: The Story of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings

The Memoir & The Memoirist: Reading and Writing Personal Narrative

Nancy Lord

Rock, Water, Wild

Early Warming

Beluga Days

The Man Who Swam with Beavers


Green Alaska

Linda Martin

I Follow in the Dust She Raises

Rebecca McClanahan

Tribal Knot: A Memoir of Family, Community and a Century of Change

Word Painting: The Fine Art of Writing Descriptively

Riddle Song and Other Rememberings

Nina McConigley

Cowboys and East Indians

Don Rearden

Raven’s Gift

Never Quit: From Alaskan Wilderness Rescues to Afghanistan Firefights as an Elite Special Ops PJ (co-authored with Jimmy Settle)

Susan Fox Rogers

My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir

Rachel Rose

Marry and Burn

Peggy Shumaker

Gnawed Bones

Toucan Nest

Just Breathe Normally


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