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 Anatomy of the Dena’ina ełnun t’ugh (“fish pit”), circa 1000 A.D.

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CA 1900

CA 1900


Dena'ina Avunculocal System 3

Dena’ina Avunculocal System 3



Denaina ca 1800

Dena’ina ca 1800


Denaina Corporate Structure

Dena’ina Corporate Structure


Dena'ina Prehsitory

Dena’ina Prehistory


Dena'ina-Kachemak Movement

Dena’ina-Kachemak Movement





Microsoft Word - KP Population graphs.docx

Kenai Peninsula Population graphs


KP Timeline & Climate

Kenai Peninsula Timeline & Climate


PK Memory Map 2

Peter Kalifornsky’s Memory Map2


Red Salmon catch 1878 1998

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Salmon and Population1 B.xls

Salmon and Population



Salmon Returns