Summer, 2017

Hello Friends

Friends, As mentioned below, this is web page for my Alaska History material which also includes the manuscript I am writing to refocus the story of Alaska centering the experiences of Alaska Native Nations.

I started this book in January of 2015, after my daughter asked if their was one book she could read that would explain something about Alaska’s Native people, past and present. Of course there is not one book. And Alaska history as currently taught in both High School and College  centers the experiences of outsiders, as they fought for their own rights as US citizens, and worked to become a state.

Many people over the years have talked about how this history or master narrative needs to be revised, but frankly this is a big job. But it’s necessary, so I am taking it on.

I am taking the risk of actually making my draft manuscript of my new book available for review and comment. So far, I have the Introduction, and Chapters 1 and 6  and the Bibliography. More to come. The first chapters are a review of the histories of each ethno-linguistic group, up through early encounters with outsiders in most cases.

You can see the whole outline and chapter narratives on the History of Alaska Natives Manuscript Draft page

You can also see my Bibliography of Alaska Native Biography and Autobiography which I did last year, along with the paper I gave on the topic. And, of course “More About Me”

I am planning to add materials for my Alaska History Class as the fall semester progress

For more about my other publications see

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